Football shoes for different surfaces: which one to choose and why?

The right soccer shoes are essential. They must be comfortable, fit well to the foot and allow free movement on the pitch. But what are we dealing with when different surfaces appear on the pitch? What is the difference between grass pitches and artificial, sand or wet floors? What shoes should you choose for each of these surfaces? Here are some tips on how to choose footwear to enjoy full comfort during the game.

Natural Grass Football Boots: The most popular football boots are designed to play on grass pitches. Their sole is stiff, and the upper part of the upper is made of a soft leather-like material. These shoes will allow you to maneuver freely on the pitch, both when it comes to quick sprints and precise passing of the ball. It’s important to remember that natural grass boots are less complicated than their counterparts on other surfaces, as the pitches themselves already offer the right level of traction.

Artificial-Turf Football Boots: It is worth remembering that natural-grass boots cannot be used on artificial surfaces, which have become more common in the last few years. On this type of pitch, however, it is worth betting on shoes marked as “AG”, i.e. for playing on artificial grass. Their sole is soft and flexible, which allows for greater freedom on artificial turf. Such shoes usually also have a rubber spike, thanks to which you can avoid excessive slipping.

Football shoes for the indoor court: The indoor court is another matter when it comes to choosing the right footwear. Here it is worth to put on shoes with a characteristic rubber sole, adapted to the floor of the hall. In addition, in the case of indoor, it is very important that the shoes are not too heavy, which will allow for greater freedom of movement. These shoes should also fit well to the foot to avoid injury.

Wet soccer shoes: The last thing worth mentioning is wet ground soccer shoes. In the case of such pitches, it is worth betting on shoes with non-slip soles. They have corks that ensure proper grip even on wet ground. Such shoes should also be well protected against moisture to avoid the unpleasant feeling of “wet feet”.

The right choice of football shoes can affect the quality and comfort of the game. The right shoes allow for greater freedom of movement and translate into better results on the pitch. And although this process may seem time-consuming, it is worth taking some time to be sure that our feet are properly protected on every surface.


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